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Hi and welcome to Magical Trails, which I started in Dec 2010, being my main photo collection of places that I have wandered through over the past three years, when I was mainly photographing for the web using a cheap compact. I upgraded my camera in July 2010 and started shooting on better quality settings for printing, This website is a place to keep all my favourite images or fond memories in one place regardless of which camera I used or whether they are 'technically correct'.

A lot of my photos are of France because I did various trips there from 2007 in my search for a good location to move to.
Instead I ended up buying a cottage in SW England (Aug 2010) after living in London for many years, and I expect most of my photos from now on will consist of country walks in my locality (which I am still discovering).

I look for the magical and atmospheric, the intriguing and ethereal in both countryside and town. My favourite subjects to photograph are nature, landscapes, streets (especially the narrow back streets and alleys in Europe), architecture and interiors. I didn't set out with these subjects in mind, but this pattern has developed over time and still maintains my interest.

I love combining photography with my enjoyment of travel and walking in nature. I will eventually make some of the most popular images available for sale, both here and elsewhere. A very small selection are now currently for sale at Red Bubble.

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.


Please note, my photos do not belong to the public domain and may not be used in any way without my prior permission. Thanks.

Street in Salzburg, Austria. July 2010. I love the pinks and yellows of the buildings, and took this photo mainly for the colours.
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